Thursday, August 14, 2008

Letting it SHOW!

I've spent the week searching for shows to which I could apply, then researching those shows, filling out the applications, writing way too many checks for booth fees and getting very well acquainted with the folks at the Post Office. I'm doing a local show the first weekend in September and will have a pot in the invitational show for our local Westabou Festival. In November I'll be going to Florida to do the "By Women, For Women" show and hopefully either the DeLand Festival or the Halifax Festival in Daytona. Maybe both. I've also applied for a show near Macon, GA, and one in Watkinsville, GA. Unless all these shows accept me I'll also do a show on St. Simons Island. I don't know if I'll sell many pots there but, hey, it's the beach!

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