Monday, August 18, 2008

March of the Lil' Guys

I make these for my two-year-old granddaughter, who carries them around in a pouch, lines 'em up, assigns personalities to 'em and generally loves 'em. So I'm making more to sell. They are amazingly sturdy for ceramic items. She is not gentle with them and takes them outside, knocking 'em around on the sidewalk. Though one or two have dings, none has broken. These are greenware, made while I watched the Olympics. I'll use underglaze on some and each will be different. I think what she likes about them is their individuality. She actually calls them by their glaze name, which I find exceedingly funny. "Where's Shino?" "White Bird is first." And so on.

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Kim said...

The idea of lil guys reminds me of the toy "people" (I think some were made by Fisher Price and of course there were Weebles) we played with.